Whack Status!!! From Whacker Thatcher

Well, after reading a few articles on the waterfowl numbers for this coming season I am having a hard time not getting super excited about what’s to come. They say that the actual habitat has decrease from last year(obviously due to the lack of a winter almost all of us experienced last duck season) but despite this fact the waterfowl numbers are higher then ever! Numbers grew from 45.6 million to 48.6 million and stand 43% above long-term average which sounds great to me. Shoot, I even see that spponies are up, and up 111% percent above long-term average! I know on slow days I do my part to bring that number down. Mallards which are most of our favorite ducks to bring down are up 15% from last year and 39% above the long-term average. I love Mallards! So with that said all I can hope for is the weather that most of us did not get to show up so the birds can get pushed down and stirred up in order for our bang sticks go boom and hear that splash! Time to go pop on my favorite duck hunting dvd and ease this itch !!

Whacker Thatcher


  1. Yeah, good news for the most part. The only thing that concerns me is the continuing decline of the Pintail.

  2. John Anderson says:

    Theres such a decline in habitat round here it makes me sick.
    but as far as decline’s in numbers well its gonna git worse come October!!
    no dvd’s can scratch this itch… FERAL pigeons seem to help! But any one that knows me, Its the ducks and geese that feed the need! So im ever so slowly
    countin down the days…

  3. Yeah the Sprig count keeps going down but I see more each year where I shoot…. The habitat up north is really hurting my favorite bird!!

  4. The numbers we are seeing up here from all the nesting grounds is excellent! Pintail and widgeon numbers are up, we have had a really warm summer so far, this year from seeing the geese this spring, the average kill day was around 25 from what we have seen in the past. Sorry for the low sprig count Matt, i’ll try to miss a few for ya and steer them down your way. The one thing that we are starting to notice is a lot more mallards are heading up here, I moved here 8 years ago and you were lucky to see one back then. But now, we are seeing flocks and hitting a few here and there. The birds are just about done molting now and we will be starting our fall season in three weeks……Yahoo!!!

  5. jim whitefield says:

    oh boy i cant wait for early goose season sept 1 in northern michigan! before this season starts i want to have a duck and goose call from Pacific calls they look Sweet!

  6. Boy i hope the weather is a lot better this year than it was last year. I dont think we got down to freezing much last season here in Oklahoma. Glad to hear the numbers are up though. Hopefully it’ll be a good one. Goodluck to all my fellow waterfowlers out there

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