Two Extremes

So up until friday a was complaining about how hot is was in the Sacramento valley and how bad i wanted to feel cold. Well, i got it! Lows around 20 highs around 40. Snow coming down. It is freezing! But way worth the numbness! The first day up here was amazing. Got in monday afternoon to scout and found the birds big time and man did it pay off today. Wave after wave of birds. Mostly widen but huge flocks. All birds we shot feet down around 15-20 yards. It was even so good that our camera man Ben had to get in on the action and shoot his limit. Very glad i made the call to come up here. And the best part is that we still have 3 more days of hunting up here! The only problem is that i needed more shooters! Time for some shut eye. Knock ‘em dead. -Whacker Thatcher


  1. Lots of Wigeon this year i noticed! sounds like your livin the dream dude. Right on!

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