Trick or Treat

Whacker Menke and I had a long weekend! It started off with a dry field goose hunt Saturday morning, which was a bust.Weather was mostly cloudy and about a 10 mph south east wind. Teps in the upper 50′s. We were expecting a field with a few inches of water because the water was supposed to be turned on 2 days prior but for some reason that never happened. Regardless we still tried knowing it probably was not going to work and as expected we failed. At least the layouts and the spread looked good. There were a bunch of different grinds of thousands of geese, mainly specks all around us but with a lot of other field getting water they just didn’t want any port of us. At about 11 we made the move to the refuge. We got into a decent spot but not a lot was flying. We managed to get 4 spoonies, YES, spoonies. not going to discriminate, especially when that’s all that is flying. But we did fold up a nice cackler and speck. It was a very long day! I guess it was just “one of those days.” Sunday! Well after yesterdays hunt we knew what to expect. A slow day. We knew we would be happy if we could just scrape a few birds. The weather was partly cloudy with a east south east 5-10mph wind. Temps. in the mid 50′s. We start off the day right by getting into the spot i wanted on the refuge. A day break the was a short little flurry of birds that had yet to make it to the close zone. We got 2 green heads and a drake widgeon all trying to land on the decoys. then some one flipped the switch to the off position. The birds were few and far between but the few birds that did come give us a look all worked great! The highlight wasthe 2 specks i called in that Matt and I shot at the same time and sucked the life out of ‘em as they were 15 yards with their feet down trying to land with the speck floaters. Later in the morning we got 1 more speck and another green head and a bull sprig. I really turned out to be a good day. Maybe because I wasn’t expecting to shoot anything or maybe it was the good company but it was one of those days that just came together. As I write this I can’t was until tomorrow to get back out there and do it all over again. Knock ‘em dead! -Whacker Thatcher


  1. We went out on the second here in north idaho and both had a limit of 7 by 12:30. The ducks are starting to work down. So far this year i am at 32 ducks mainly widgeon, few mallards and one green winged teal. Going out fri should be pretty good.

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