The Season is upon us all!!!!

As you find this message I hope you are putting the final touches on your hunting bags….. Putting those New Pacific Calls on your Lanyard…….. Calling up your hunting brothers and sisters and planning where to Whack them birds first!!! Yes I know some have already begun the Season but we are still making last minute preparations!!! This is the Year we become the Whacker Nation!!!!! It is go time !!!  New videos……Some new Sponsors and also NEW STICKERS!!! Just make sure you are a member on and we will be sticker bombing the #%%# out of the facebook page but you must be a member of our site for giveaways. It’s free and all you need is your facebook login!! We will also put them up for sale and the Barrel stickers are in route….. Also I challenge you to take part in our facebook idea of “Got a seat lets meat” meaning if you and your buds have a open seat invite a whacker in your area !!!! Lets grow the bond of the Waterfowler and knock down the barrier between different groups of hunters!! We are one Nation Under Ducks !!!!! Check out the New Stickers!! Adam and I will be traveling all over so keep in touch!!! We will be in Idaho in the upcoming weeks and back in Cali for the opener and everytime we have an open seat we will post up and lets meat!!! Hope all is well with you and your hunting family

Matt and Adam


  1. EXCITED!!

  2. leave a seat open!…..i’m selling knives to buy that ticket down!….haha

  3. Not sure whos more excited me or Miss P. She helping me out in the garage now. Putting gear to gather and helping on some carts!

  4. taylor sieckman says:

    i love duck hunting it is great

  5. taylor sieckman says:

    whose going this weekend

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