Smoking Saturday Whacker Style

Well it’s been a long busy week in Whacker Nation. Our friends at Pacific Calls got into DU Newsletter with there calls so big shot to them!! Today Adam and I are working on the final proof on the all new Whacker Nation Stickers and Barrel Stickers and I am also working on putting together the pieces for the first Whacker Wear ie Hoodies,Shirts and Skull Caps!!! Got a fire going as on the coast we are socked in fog and the smoker sitting outside stacked racks deep with some ribs. Life is good today and I just wanted to thank all of you for joining us on our journey hopefully this is still just the start . We have footage in SOCal being put together for sponsors and the network and are going to be adding features to the website all the way up to shoot time. Do us a favor login to our site with your facebook profile and post something up in one of the forums we would like to get them up to full speed and email if you have a forum suggestion.

Have a great weekend!


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