Regulations for the season

So every year I sit all summer long watching breeding stats and bird counts wondering will this be the year something changes in our limits. I have to say here in Cali we haven’t had many major changes in years….. Part of me says that is a good thing because I have seen limits and regs trending down as far as bird harvesting goes. I will say in Cali the 3 day posesion limit is a nice change and a practical one. I feel like they still could go further as we all want to make sure every bird whacked gets seasoned and devoured. I always find myself eating duck after duck to comply as I would enjoy saving a few for spring eating. I also feel like at least in the Pac Flyway onemore Sprig would be fine…. As I hunt up and down the flyway it never fails the sprig are in thick even during the down weeks. I hope with a little help from mother nature this year the duck numbers can climb even higher and maybe just maybe we can see that happen…. How are the regs in your state and what adjustments would you like to see made?


Whacker Menke Ducks


  1. I agree I see nothing wrong with a 3 sprig limit

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