Whack Status!!! From Whacker Thatcher

Well, after reading a few articles on the waterfowl numbers for this coming season I am having a hard time not getting super excited about what’s to come. They say that the actual habitat has decrease from last year(obviously due to the lack of a winter almost all of us experienced last duck season) but despite this fact the waterfowl numbers are higher then ever! Numbers grew from 45.6 million [Read more...]

Weekends are starting to knock off the Calendar

Well as we now have passed the 4th of July my memory serves me that the time between now and the Opening Whack Down goes by super quick. We all are going to still post how we can’t wait and it’s taking forever but this is where the fog hits me. I get caught up in life and blink and realize I have not got my duck equipment ready. I haven’t Shelled up [Read more...]

Whacker Menke July 4th Update

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Lack of Mutual Respect in our sport…

So I don’t know about you Whackers but I am sick of all this underlining anger and distrust in our sport. I am so bummed seeing smack talk from forum to forum site to site about different groups of hunters or Call Companies and Decoy Companies etc…. Now some constructive criticism or respectful opinions are one thing but I seem to see all out assaults on fellow Waterfowlers? We are a [Read more...]

Getting Ready

Been a while since I have posted but I have just been bussy hammering the piss out of the birds lately. But we have a huge weekend coming our way. Packing up for the trip up to Idaho. So beyond excited! Apperently the birds numbers are at levels never seen before. All the spots we have lined [Read more...]

Whackers knocking them Dead in different Timezones

Well so far the trip to South Dakota has been BONE CHILLING and equally thrilling. We have been pounding the Pheasants in the harvested corn and brushed up fields. I will be flying out Sunday I am sure with a full sack of chow going straight into the smoker!!! Supposed to get colder tomorrow and got some possible precipitation headed our way tomorrow night. From what I have been tracking [Read more...]

Huge Week

Man! What a week! Very unexpected. Early/mid November is almost always way beyond SLOW for those of us who hunt in the central valley of California. But this year with it being the same story I have had enough so i made the call, time to head north and try to find them and find them i did! We went up to the Oregon border and it only took about 30 minutes of scouting [Read more...]

Two Extremes

So up until friday a was complaining about how hot is was in the Sacramento valley and how bad i wanted to feel cold. Well, i got it! Lows around 20 highs around 40. Snow coming down. It is freezing! But way worth the numbness! The first day up here was amazing. Got in monday afternoon to scout and found the birds big time and man did it pay off today. [Read more...]

It is time

Well, here we go… All packed up and ready to head north to hunt the Oregon border. Good bird reports, slow hunting here in the Sacramento valley means that I am all fired up! We are going to be up there for about a week filming. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. Knock ‘em dead. -Whacker Thatcher

Up Up and Away

Well, the central valley is doing nothing but making me loose my mine so it is up to the mountains we shall go! Gonna hunt in the high country on a reservoir which just so happens to be holding a lot of birds. I am over sweating and ready to feel cold! Anything is better then where I am hunting right now. Knock ‘em dead! -Whacker Thatcher