My Hen Rant

Ok so here is my number 2 favorite thing to call BS on when it comes to online duck hunters…… So all of a sudden nobody ever shoots a hen…… BS….. Why don’t we all take a moment to reflect on the fact that we all shoot hens…. Yes we all gun for drakes….. But this high and mighty bs about to many hens in a photo needs to stop…. I can meet you at the check station or the house if you want so i can see your full of #$%….. I feel like I can openly say I shoot hens….. But I try for Drakes when available…… And Que insults and all the reasons why I suck because I shoot hens….. Yeah I know…. I am the reason why duck numbers go down…. I have shot a hen….. Sorry



  1. Agreed, I always get ripped on for shooting hens. However isn’t this sport for food?

  2. Nobody should shoot hens INTENTIONALLY …its the mark of a juvenile hunter and it DOES impact the future populations of birds.

    • Gene Silonis says:

      Shut up, if there are not enough ducks, Dont hunt! We will take care of it. It happens! You shoot female geese and there are an over abundance of them. Think about it. I’ll still give you crap though Matt, lol.

  3. Pat ayles says:

    When my family sits down to dinner they can’t tell me if it’s a drake or hen don’t pat get me wrong I try to shoot drake but much of my family’s meals r wild game with out it we go hungry

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