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    Avatar of Whacker Menke
    Whacker Menke

    So what is your favorite gun? Are you satisfied with what you shoot now or are you looking to upgrade?



    I shoot a simple Moss 835. I’m not into autos.

    Avatar of Branden Owen
    Branden Owen

    Favorite would have to be the 870. Currently I shoot a stoeger model 2000 and love it. Would like to upgrade to either a browning a5 or a super vinci.

    Avatar of Whacker Menke
    Whacker Menke

    I have the sb2 but I have been shooting a maxus a little and really like the feel

    Avatar of Bob Cooper
    Bob Cooper

    I like a Remington 11-87 I shoot my 2 3/4 reloads



    So many to choose from for a favorite, most I don’t own….Lol
    My current Quack Smacker is Benelli Nova, would love to upgrade to any of the following 3, I’m not greedy or brand loyal on guns, and these are in no order as to which one I would buy first
    1) Remington SP-10
    2) Benelli SBE
    3) Winchester SX-3

    Avatar of Greg Damitz
    Greg Damitz

    Currently shooting a Baikal MP153 with an 835 Mossberg in reserve. Thinking about buying an over/under 12 gauge for reminding his season.



    I Like my Benelli Nova

    Avatar of Hillbilly St. Clair
    Hillbilly St. Clair

    I am still shooting my Remington 870 Wingmaster my Dad bought me for my 10th birthday…. Got a Benelli M2 Field and it is a POS compared to the 870….

    Avatar of Andrew Gabryszak
    Andrew Gabryszak

    I like my SX3. My wife was shooting a Beretta Extrema 2 until she shot my SX3, now she has a SX3. The Beretta is a Safe Queen as my back up now is a SX3 in 20 gauge. It shoots and kills ducks just like my 12 gauge.



    I’ve been shooting my grandpas remington sportsman 58 and a weatherby pa-08 but think I’m gonna make a big jump this season and get the beretta extrema 2



    I’ve had decent luck with a couple of Remington 11-87s, although both needed to go to J&G Guns for some factory authorized repair last season after using Remington Hyper-Shit shells. You’d think the company would design shells that didn’t tear up the guts of their own guns. Gunsmith said they do it to Benelli, Browning and Beretta autoloaders, too. Guess they only work in pumps though Heaven help your shoulder…

    The 11-87s I have fit me without having to have the stocks shortened. My L.O.P. is 13 1/2″ and the standard Remington stock seems to tape at 13 5/8″ or 13 3/4″. All of the other top manufacturers come in at 3/4″ to 1 1/4″ longer with a much higher price tag, too.

    All that being said, my all time favorite is my Browning Superposed 20 ga. O/U that I inherited from my grandfather. It was made in 1949 with serial #156. Fits me to a “T” and is my go to dove and pheasant gun at least until CA outlaws lead shot. I’ve reloaded Bismuth for it in the past for ducks and had fun with it over decoys, though bismuth shot can be challenging to find now adays.



    Remington 870 always looking can’t always afford to upgrade

    Avatar of Keith Davis
    Keith Davis

    I like my Benelli Nova in the late season. My Charles Daly semi-auto when buzz rockets are flying.



    I love my SX3

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