Dogs and Dove

Well, September is here. Summer is wrapping up, THANK GOD!!!  Hunting season is just getting started. You know we are getting close to waterfowl season when we get to head out to our favorite spots and whack some dove. I usually use this time to freshen up my dogs skills. I don’t know how you guys work you dogs but I like to take it easy on them all off season. As dove season arrives I will use this time to start sharpening their skills again. I know I run them super hard during the waterfowl season and I want my dogs to last as many seasons as possible especially with the hundreds and hundreds of hours invested on training them. Some times I wonder if the dogs know that the season is coming. It always seems like they start to get super restless and anxious around this time. But then again that might be just me being super restless and anxious causing them to?

Whack ‘em ,

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  1. I’m with you when it comes to some down time for my dogs but when it’s time there ready as soon as the gun comes out of the safe and there kennels are loaded ..go time

  2. My dog goes to the river at least three times a week in order to stay in shape so he doesn’t kill himself on the first day back. He has so much drive he would literally kill himself to bring me birds.

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