Hard Hunting Weekend

This weekend we are going to try and get into ‘em out on the different public land spots. Ben seeing a lot of birds flying around in the areas we’re going into. Pretty pumped and hoping everything lines up so we can lay the smack down. Can’t wait for the weekend to start! Knock ‘em dead guys.

trying the river

Well, i gave the river a try this morning. Usually don’t start hunting the river till after thanksgiving. But due to the lack of water out on the rice i had to give it a go. Went to a new spot i have never been before and it was not bad. Weather man said overcast and no rain but weird… he was wrong. Crazy! Right? Pouring rain all morning. My buddy and i had a few groups come in. All bird worked great and came in feet down! I will take 5 mallards in an hours worth of work.

Jacked up

So I just got the call from my land owner. They are flooding our rice fields as we speek. Can’t wait to get out there. We have a few hundred specks and about five hundred ducks sitting right across from us on the neighboring property. Hoping they pay us a visit! This is our first year on this property and expecting good things!

Another Morning

Awesome sun rise with this partly cloudy weather. We have a low front moving in. Laying up against this fallen over tree and just had a scotch double on bull sprig. They worked in perfectly. There must have been about 30 in the flock. Feet down at 20 yards. Already a great morning.

Good Wednesday

Whacker Thatcher Banded!

Had a killer morning! Very unexpected. Clear calm day. No birds were really flying before shoot time which had me worried. But come shoot time the flood gates opened and next thing i knew 16 min. later i only needed one more duck for my limit. Since the teal were landing in my decoys left and right i tried to hold off for another greenhead.

That’s when the flight of specks started.

Wave after wave and very curious. I was just enjoying the show as they were flipping over on their back as they passed by. That’s when about 4 came in eye level flying goofy like they couldn’t come in fast enough. 1 got the 3 1/2 BBB right in the face. Then not even a minute later a single speck started working.


Called him in perfectly and put the hammer of god down on him.

Finished my duck limit off with a nice drake cinnamon. Been about 2 years since i got one of those. And the icing on the cake was definitely the moment when i grabbed that greenhead and saw that shine on its leg!!!! Might have let out a little hoooot? 5 days into our season and already got the first band. Its gonna be a gooooood year. And to top it off, we got some great footage today.

Knock ‘em dead boys!

-Whacker Thatcher