Lack of Mutual Respect in our sport…

So I don’t know about you Whackers but I am sick of all this underlining anger and distrust in our sport. I am so bummed seeing smack talk from forum to forum site to site about different groups of hunters or Call Companies and Decoy Companies etc…. Now some constructive criticism or respectful opinions are one thing but I seem to see all out assaults on fellow Waterfowlers? We are a [Read more...]

Whackers knocking them Dead in different Timezones

Well so far the trip to South Dakota has been BONE CHILLING and equally thrilling. We have been pounding the Pheasants in the harvested corn and brushed up fields. I will be flying out Sunday I am sure with a full sack of chow going straight into the smoker!!! Supposed to get colder tomorrow and got some possible precipitation headed our way tomorrow night. From what I have been tracking [Read more...]

One of those Days…….

Went out this morning and hunted some layout blinds with Gene from and then headed over to finish the afternoon at some public land. We did alright got a few birds but the weather never really got the birds going. We had a blast in the blind filming and goofing off, just got back to WhackerThatchers to put back a few Sperrydises and get some shut eye and get back at it in the am…… How did you all do?

One the road again….Can’t wait to get back to killing ducks again

Getting ready to hit the highway and head north with the gear to shoot another weekend of

footage and spend the weekend Stacking them. If your out and about and you got

your WCW sticker flag us down so we can snap your strap see you all on interstate 5

Opening Weekend come and gone

Whacker Nation Blind

Greetings From the Blind.

Season Day 2
What a crazy opener for the WCW.. Started with getting to NorCal around midnight fri night punching the lights out and up in 2 hours to go and wait with the whackers at an undisclosed location for the opener. We happened to get stuck in a virtual firing line and had to lay low and watch the birds be busted at heights that only 747′s fly at…… No birds…Picked off a few here and there and had a great time with the guys. Got home downed some crown watched some sports and back to bed for sunday. Sunday was a blood bath… Rain pouring all morning winds at 30mph plus had 17 birds in the first hour or so then waited for a couple nice birds and picked off a spec. Ended up with 21 birds and a goose… Shot some great footage and killed 2 snakes in the blind… Then back home a red bull and back down the 5 and 101 to the house where my beautiful girlfriend was there to greet me….. One of those days you wait months for… Hope you all did well……

Packing for my first Road Trip up to hunt with WhackerThatcher

Jacket,check,hat check,waders check, wader pants check,official WCW Knife check,SBE2 check,war paint check,Crown and CL smoothes Double Check for after the hunt……. Watch out Norcal here I come in my Sonata Rental Car with my WCW sticker…….. Lets do this!!!


Burning the Midnight oil – WCW Getting ready

What up fellow WCW, ECW and Wackenation members hope you like the new site we are still working it but we are going live tomm night and will be ready for full action friday night… Adam has been busy up in Chico scouting and I am down in Monterey working on the back end stuff like the site with WackerTodd hope you all are ready for a great season talk to you soon,

WestCoast Whacker Matt

Our Little Video from last year

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West Coast Whackers Bumper StickerFinally the West Coast Whackers Bumper stickers are ready! Order them now! Click Here to purchase

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