My Hen Rant

Ok so here is my number 2 favorite thing to call BS on when it comes to online duck hunters…… So all of a sudden nobody ever shoots a hen…… BS….. Why don’t we all take a moment to reflect on the fact that we all shoot hens…. Yes we all gun for drakes….. But this high and mighty bs about to many hens in a photo needs to stop…. I can meet you at the check station or the house if you want so i can see your full of #$%….. I feel like I can openly say I shoot hens….. But I try for Drakes when available…… And Que insults and all the reasons why I suck because I shoot hens….. Yeah I know…. I am the reason why duck numbers go down…. I have shot a hen….. Sorry


Regulations for the season

So every year I sit all summer long watching breeding stats and bird counts wondering will this be the year something changes in our limits. I have to say here in Cali we haven’t had many major changes in years….. Part of me says that is a good thing because I have seen limits and regs trending down as far as bird harvesting goes. I will say in Cali the 3 day posesion limit is a nice change and a practical one. I feel like they still could go further as we all want to make sure every bird whacked gets seasoned and devoured. I always find myself eating duck after duck to comply as I would enjoy saving a few for spring eating. I also feel like at least in the Pac Flyway onemore Sprig would be fine…. As I hunt up and down the flyway it never fails the sprig are in thick even during the down weeks. I hope with a little help from mother nature this year the duck numbers can climb even higher and maybe just maybe we can see that happen…. How are the regs in your state and what adjustments would you like to see made?


Whacker Menke Ducks

August is upon us… Don’t get caught napping.

Whacker Menke Blind sitting

Whacker Menke – Blind sitting

Here I sit on a Sunday fun day watching “The Glenn” on tv flipping through my Cabelas and Macks checking out gear new and old. As I glance back and forth at the television it hits me like a Hevi Shot 3 1/2 inch Triple B….. This happens to me every year. I get all excited as the months tick off the calendar until I hit august and manage to lull myself into some zombie state where I suddenly awake with 2 weeks left before our first hunt and I have forgotten how much prep needed to be done. I forget that there are multiple spreads to build for all the locations and scenarios we hunt. I forget there are hundreds of decoys to touch up, new ones to tie off. Decoy bags to replace,repair and restack. There a Hevi Shot shells to sort through and pack in different parts of the house to grab at a moments notice for that point when you inevitably wake up to find out the weatherman the weather apps and the night before have failed you and now there is fog or wind or rain or temp changes to account for at a moments notice with only half a cup of coffee and 15 minutes to make adjustments in the truck. There are blinds to clean, blinds to build, hunting friends to call. I know I know how can a hunter of over 20 years still let this happen after bitching all year about how long it is till season…. I don’t know. I can still garantee come Sat Morning of the opener when I go into my bag at the blind/fuge/river or field I will be short some random but always needed piece of equipment ( usually my stupid @$@ headlamp ) and I will turn to Adam and before I can tell him he says I know Menke….. I know… You did again… LOL!!!

Have a great and productive Sunday!!

Whacker Menke

The Season is upon us all!!!!

As you find this message I hope you are putting the final touches on your hunting bags….. Putting those New Pacific Calls on your Lanyard…….. Calling up your hunting brothers and sisters and planning where to Whack them birds first!!! Yes I know some have already begun the Season but we are still making last minute preparations!!! This is the Year we become the Whacker Nation!!!!! It is go time !!!  New videos……Some new Sponsors and also NEW STICKERS!!! Just make sure you are a member on and we will be sticker bombing the #%%# out of the facebook page but you must be a member of our site for giveaways. It’s free and all you need is your facebook login!! We will also put them up for sale and the Barrel stickers are in route….. Also I challenge you to take part in our facebook idea of “Got a seat lets meat” meaning if you and your buds have a open seat invite a whacker in your area !!!! Lets grow the bond of the Waterfowler and knock down the barrier between different groups of hunters!! We are one Nation Under Ducks !!!!! Check out the New Stickers!! Adam and I will be traveling all over so keep in touch!!! We will be in Idaho in the upcoming weeks and back in Cali for the opener and everytime we have an open seat we will post up and lets meat!!! Hope all is well with you and your hunting family

Matt and Adam

Stickers are heading south with the birds

Well I hope this message finds you enjoying the start to a great weekend. We are busy prepping decoys and collecting our gear….PS anyone seen my headlight? I lose it every year….. Just wanted to let everyone know we have redesigned stickers on order and heading in as early as next week…… We are also making a limited run of Barrel Stickers….. We are still working on getting the first Whacker gear into production but look forward to putting out some quality product… Stay tuned on on our Web Page for stickers…. PS thanks for posting up the forums and keep and eye on the site itself….. Changes are coming… Enjoy your weekend and crack a cold one for me.

Smoking Saturday Whacker Style

Well it’s been a long busy week in Whacker Nation. Our friends at Pacific Calls got into DU Newsletter with there calls so big shot to them!! Today Adam and I are working on the final proof on the all new Whacker Nation Stickers and Barrel Stickers and I am also working on putting together the pieces for the first Whacker Wear ie Hoodies,Shirts and Skull Caps!!! Got a fire going as on the coast we are socked in fog and the smoker sitting outside stacked racks deep with some ribs. Life is good today and I just wanted to thank all of you for joining us on our journey hopefully this is still just the start . We have footage in SOCal being put together for sponsors and the network and are going to be adding features to the website all the way up to shoot time. Do us a favor login to our site with your facebook profile and post something up in one of the forums we would like to get them up to full speed and email if you have a forum suggestion.

Have a great weekend!


Proposed Seasons

Check it

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced proposed hunting season lengths and bag limits for the upcoming 2012-13 late waterfowl seasons. The proposed federal frameworks include duck hunting season lengths of 60 days in both the Atlantic and Mississippi Flyways, 74 days in the Central Flyway (with an additional 23 days in the High Plains areas), and 107 days in the Pacific Flyway. The proposed frameworks also include a full season on pintails with a two bird daily bag limit nationwide, and a full season on canvasbacks with a one bird daily bag limit nationwide. The proposed late season waterfowl frameworks will appear in a mid-August edition of the Federal Register for public comment.

States select their individual seasons from within the federal frameworks that establish the earliest beginning and latest ending dates and the maximum season length and bag limits. Flyway-specific highlights of the proposed late-season frameworks are as follows:

Atlantic Flyway (Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia):

  • Ducks: A hunting season is proposed of not more than 60 days between September 22, 2012, and January 27, 2013. The proposed daily bag limit is 6 and may include no more than 4 mallards (2 hens), 4 scoters, 3 wood ducks, 2 redheads, 2 hooded mergansers, 4 scaup, 1 black duck, 2 pintails, 1 canvasback, 1 mottled duck, and 1 fulvous whistling duck.
  • Geese: For light geese, states will be able to select a 107-day season between October 1, 2012, and March 10, 2013, with a daily bag limit of 25 birds and no possession limit. Seasons for Canada geese would vary in length among states and areas depending on the populations of birds that occur in those areas. The daily bag limit will be 5 birds in hunt zones established for resident populations of Canada geese. In hunt zones established for migratory populations, bag limits will be 5 or fewer and vary among states and areas. For Atlantic brant, the season length may be 50 days with a daily bag limit of 2.

Mississippi Flyway (Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin):

  • Ducks: A hunting season is proposed of not more than 60 days between September 22, 2012, and January 27, 2013. The proposed daily bag limit is 6 and may include no more than 4 mallards (2 hens), 3 wood ducks, 1 mottled duck, 2 redheads, 4 scaup, 2 pintails,
    1 black duck, and 1 canvasback. The proposed daily bag limit of mergansers is 5, only 2 of which may be hooded mergansers. In states that include mergansers in the duck bag limit, the daily limit is the same as the duck bag limit, only 2 which may be hooded mergansers.
  • Geese: Generally, seasons for Canada goose would be held between September 22, 2012, and January 31, 2013, and vary in length among states and areas. States would be able to select seasons for light geese not to exceed 107 days with 20 geese daily between September 22, 2012, and March 10, 2013; for white-fronted geese the proposed season would not exceed 74 days with a 2-bird daily bag limit or 88 days with a 1-bird daily bag limit between September 22, 2012, and February 17, 2013; and for brant it would not exceed 70 days with a 2-bird daily bag limit or 107 days with a 1 bird daily bag limit between September 22, 2012, and January 31, 2012. There is no possession limit for light geese.

Central Flyway (Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and portions of Colorado, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming):

  • Ducks: Duck season frameworks are between September 22, 2012 and January 27, 2013. The daily bag limit would be 6 ducks, with species and sex restrictions as follows: 5 mallard, no more than 2 of which may be females; 3 wood duck, 2 pintail, and 2 redhead, 1 mottled duck and 1 canvasback. Mottled ducks may not be harvested during the first 5 days after the beginning of the regular season in Texas. The possession limit would be 2 times the daily bag limit. In the High Plains Mallard Management Unit (roughly west of the 100th Meridian), a 97 day season is proposed, and the last 23 days can start no earlier than December 8, 2012. A 74 day season is proposed for the remainder of the Central Flyway.
  • Geese: States may select seasons between September 22, 2012 and February 17, 2013 for dark geese and between September 22, 2012, and March 10, 2013, for light geese. East-tier states would be able to select a 107 day season for Canada geese with a daily bag limit of 3. For white-fronted geese, east-tier states would be able to select either a 74 day season with a daily bag limit of 2 birds or an 88 day season with a daily bag limit of 1 bird. In the West-tier, states may select a 107 day dark goose season with a daily bag limit of 5 birds. In the Western Goose zone of Texas, the state would be able to select a 95 day season with a daily bag limit of 5 dark geese (including no more than 1 white-fronted goose). For light geese, all states would be able to select a 107-day season with a daily bag limit of 20 and no possession limit.

Pacific Flyway (Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and portions of Colorado, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming):

  • Ducks: States are allowed a 107-day general duck season between September 22, 2012, and January 27, 2013. The proposed daily bag limit is 7 ducks, including no more than 2 mallard hens, 2 redheads, 2 pintails and 1 canvasback.
  • Geese: 107-day seasons are proposed for the Pacific Flyway between September 29, 2012, and March 10, 2013. Proposed basic daily bag limits are up to 10 light geese and 6 dark geese. There are many exceptions to the basic bag limits and season structures for geese in many states, so consult State regulations for specific details. In California, Washington and Oregon, the dark goose limit does not include brant. For brant, the proposed season lengths are 16 days in Oregon and Washington and 30 days in California, with a 2-bird daily limit. Washington and California are able to choose seasons in each of the two zones described in state regulations.

The Service’s 2012 Waterfowl Population Status Report summarizes information on the status of duck and goose populations and habitat conditions during spring of 2012. In the traditional survey area, which includes the north-central United States, south-central and northern Canada and Alaska, the 2012 total duck population estimate was 48.6 million birds, an increase of 7 percent over last year’s estimate. Despite poorer habitat conditions compared to 2011, population abundance estimates are good for this breeding season. The total pond estimate for prairie Canada and the US combined was 5.5 million, which is down 32 percent from last year.

Pacific Calls

Well we are happy to say we are working on some interesting projects with some sponsors and one of them is with Pacific Calls….. Stay tuned…..

Whack Status!!! From Whacker Thatcher

Well, after reading a few articles on the waterfowl numbers for this coming season I am having a hard time not getting super excited about what’s to come. They say that the actual habitat has decrease from last year(obviously due to the lack of a winter almost all of us experienced last duck season) but despite this fact the waterfowl numbers are higher then ever! Numbers grew from 45.6 million [Read more...]

Weekends are starting to knock off the Calendar

Well as we now have passed the 4th of July my memory serves me that the time between now and the Opening Whack Down goes by super quick. We all are going to still post how we can’t wait and it’s taking forever but this is where the fog hits me. I get caught up in life and blink and realize I have not got my duck equipment ready. I haven’t Shelled up [Read more...]