August is upon us… Don’t get caught napping.

Whacker Menke Blind sitting

Whacker Menke – Blind sitting

Here I sit on a Sunday fun day watching “The Glenn” on tv flipping through my Cabelas and Macks checking out gear new and old. As I glance back and forth at the television it hits me like a Hevi Shot 3 1/2 inch Triple B….. This happens to me every year. I get all excited as the months tick off the calendar until I hit august and manage to lull myself into some zombie state where I suddenly awake with 2 weeks left before our first hunt and I have forgotten how much prep needed to be done. I forget that there are multiple spreads to build for all the locations and scenarios we hunt. I forget there are hundreds of decoys to touch up, new ones to tie off. Decoy bags to replace,repair and restack. There a Hevi Shot shells to sort through and pack in different parts of the house to grab at a moments notice for that point when you inevitably wake up to find out the weatherman the weather apps and the night before have failed you and now there is fog or wind or rain or temp changes to account for at a moments notice with only half a cup of coffee and 15 minutes to make adjustments in the truck. There are blinds to clean, blinds to build, hunting friends to call. I know I know how can a hunter of over 20 years still let this happen after bitching all year about how long it is till season…. I don’t know. I can still garantee come Sat Morning of the opener when I go into my bag at the blind/fuge/river or field I will be short some random but always needed piece of equipment ( usually my stupid @$@ headlamp ) and I will turn to Adam and before I can tell him he says I know Menke….. I know… You did again… LOL!!!

Have a great and productive Sunday!!

Whacker Menke

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