Whacker Nation

The Whacker Nation is the idea and vision of Adam “Sprig” Thatcher and Matthew “Mallard Man” Menke. Whacker Nation is a startup company made for one purpose and one purpose only, to represent the Pacific Flyway like never before. Adam and Matthew have been hunting up and down the valleys of California, from the grasslands of Los Banos to the Rice fields of Chico, from the private clubs to the public refuges there is nothing these 2 Whackers won’t do to get out to a blind and crumble fowl.

We are looking to band up and have coined the term “Banded Brothers” because we are not and do not want to do this alone. We want each and every member on this site to be part of the movement wether that means pairing up for hunts, talking decoy spreads, getting together for after hunt chow we want this to be a site for everyone. We will be shooting our first attempt at a dvd this season and pushing for further T.V. exposure shortly.

We also want our duck brothers and sisters from states outside of the Pacific flyway to join up and we would like to raft up with them….. We have respect for all who share the love of our “Way of Life” and would eventually like to mix hunts with all you killers nationwide…. So please join up…….Grab a sticker or shirt from the store…..Help us represent the greatest sport in the world,
Whacker Nation
-Adam “Sprig” Thatcher and Matthew “Mallard Man” Menke